Migo Recover Lost Data

Migo Recover Lost Data

Search and recovers accidentally deleted files. Also deletes files permanently
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If you ever deleted an important file in the rush of the moment, without sending it to the system trash recycler you know how it feels, and you know that it feels really bad. Well, everybody has been there sometime and that’s why applications like this exist. Recover Lost Data provides you with the ability to get back those accidentally deleted files searching them from a search criterion you define.
But, how is this possible? When you delete a file from your computer the operating system doesn’t delete it “physically”, it just erase the reference to the file. This way the information of the file is still there but you cannot find it since the operating system has erased its “address”. Well, Recover Lost Data will look up for existing files on the disk that matches with your search criteria and provide you with their addresses so you can access to them again. Once you access them, you will be able to save a new copy in your hard disk and the problem is solved, it’s just as easy as it sound.
Three sections compose the system, accessible from the main window:
Recover Lost files: to perform recoveries of the accidentally deleted files.
Recover Lost E-mails: to recover accidentally deleted e-mails.
Permanently Delete Data: to delete files in a way that it’s impossible to recover them even with tool like this.
In the first category a straightforward process will ask you where to look and what to look for, giving you a text box to enter the name or part of it, the type of file if you wish and when it was modified. Everything is optional but it recommended to use this filters because if you don’t the results could be huge.
The second category will display the E-mail clients installed on your PC for you to choose in which on to look for deleted e-mails. Once you choose the client you’ll have to select the identity from which the e-mail was created (if there is more than one identity).
The third category, Permanently Delete Data, works exactly the same than the first category only that in the last step you choose files to delete, not to recover.
Besides what is already said, it’s good to mention the Live Update feature that this application has to be updated all the time via Internet.
Help is available at all times since it resides on the local drive. Regarding money, you’ll have to pay almost 40 dollars to access to this tool. Not a very high price to get something that doesn’t have a price: to recover lost data.

Juan Morán
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Added e-mail searching feature
  • Permanent deletion of files available


  • No free version available
  • Only English support
  • Confuse interface between recovery and permanent deletion of files
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